Sunday, 24 March 2013

Men's Hairstyles 2013

Peaked Cut
David Beckham

Deep Side Part
Zac Efron

Crown Cut

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Top 5 Expensive Sponsorships In Sports

No.5 Tiger Woods
Sponsor: Nike
Estimated Value: $ 105 million

No.4 George Foreman
Sponsor: Salton, Inc.
Estimated Value: $137 million

No.3 David Beckham
Sponsor: Adidas
Estimated Value: $160 million
David Beckham

No.2 Derrick Rose
Sponsor: Adidas
Estimated Value: $260 million

No.1 Rorry McIlory
Sponsor: Nike
Estimated Value: $260 million

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Effective Pickup Lines

 "Excuse Me, Is This Seat Taken?"

"Can I interest you in a glass of...?"

"Do you come here often? I could use your opinion about something..."

Excuse Me; Can You Help Me With...?

"Don't You Find This Place...?"

"Would you like an escort to your... ?"

"Wow! I really like that (insert item of clothing or fragrance) you're wearing."

"I just thought you should know that you have a really nice....

Monday, 11 March 2013

Top 5 Words Made Up By Stupid People


                  "Irregardless" can't take the place of "regardless"! "Ir-" is already a negating prefix, as in "irrespective" or "irrelevant." And because "-less" is also a negative suffix, "irregardless" is a paradox.


" To underestimate the completely wrong thing.


A munt is when you try to choose between two synonyms and end up jamming them together into a portmanteau of failure.


"Good" or "merciful." The opposite of "ruthless."


"Supposedly," or "supposing that this is true."

Friday, 8 March 2013


How To Earn Money From Your Blog

Unique Concept Brings Cash

Blogs that make money have conceits that go viral: 1000 Awesome ThingsCake Wrecks. If you want to turn on advertisers, launch a blog that makes people laugh and involves them.

Tease Your Audience

When broadcasting over social media, don't just shout, "New blog post!" Instead, encourage clicks with teaser heads, like "You gotta see this!"

Swap Links

Having trouble posting daily? Create an entry with links to other sites that may return the favor.

Add Ads Slowly

A cluttered, ad-heavy site is a turnoff. After you've built a readership, try a service like Google AdSense, which places ads on your site that earn you money with every click.

No.5 Sell Some Gear

Once you have a core audience, start marketing T-shirts or mugs. Opt for funny images or phrasing from your posts.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How To Make Some Easy Money


The planet-conscious folks at Gazelle pay cash for your old electronic gadgets. They'll fork over $100 for an iPhone 3GS and upwards of $100 for an old Apple laptop. Plus: free shipping!


Companies want Facebook likes, YouTube votes, and positive tweets—so much so that they're willing to pay a dime or more per "micro job" if you help them boost their social media presence with your clicks.

Yes, you're helping them game the system, but you just bought yourself lunch!


Have a quirky talent? Make some money with it. Fiverr lets users post their talents for others to buy.

You earn $4 (Fiverr nabs the other buck). Talents range from the practical (writing a blog post) to the bizarre (a custom message by an Alec Baldwin impersonator).


Earn Swag Bucks for taking online company surveys, viewing online tutorial videos, and using Swagbucks's unique search engine. Trade the digital currency for the real stuff, in the form of gift cards and PayPal credit.

Sure, it's mundane work, but one survey can pay up to $50. Does Angry Birds pay you to waste time?


This iPhone and Android appworks like Foursquare, but you earn points instead of badges. Points are worth a penny, and you can collect them by checking in or for doing simple tasks, like posting a pic of you drinking a Starbucks coffee.

You can also trade in your points for cash—sometimes as much as 50 bucks—depending on how often you use the app.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Risks Every Boy Should Take

No.1 Follow Your Passion

Test the waters. Set up informational interviews in the industry you want to be in. Have a buddy who did a 180 on his career? Ask him what worked, and what he wishes he’d done differently. 

No.2 Face a Fear in The Gym

Pick something active that you’ve always stayed away from, and learn how to do it. Keep track of your progress by setting small goals, instead of focusing on the end result. It will help increase your motivation by feeding your reward system each time you meet a goal.

No.3 Talk To A Random Woman---In Broad Daylight

 Commit to approaching one woman out of the blue, whether she’s walking the street, hanging out in the park, or shopping at Whole Foods. Keep your opening line to something about your surroundings—it guarantees immediate conversation—or simply introduce yourself. “You might just be surprised how receptive women are to such a confident attempt,”

Funny Pictures

Top 5 Ways To Preserve Your T-Shirts

Taylor Lautner
No.5 Look Sharper:-
                                     Your best bet is to hang your T-shirts after a wash. Work the hanger up through the bottom of the shirt instead of cramming it through the collar so that you don't stretch out the neck, and align the hanger with the shoulder seams.

No.4 Wash Smart:-
                                Wash your favorite cotton tees in cold water. Line-dry them or use a low-heat, low-tumble dryer setting. Remove them as soon as they're dry.

No.3 Grip And Shake:-
                                       Hold the shirt out in front of you, pinching in about an inch from the collar on each shoulder. (Place each thumb on the back of the shirt and the rest of your fingers on the front.) Give it a couple of aggressive shakes to soften the larger wrinkles.

No.2 Tuck And Halve:-
                                        Use your pinkie and ring fingers to push the sleeves into the back of the shirt, folding them around your middle fingers. Now find a flat, clean surface. In one smooth motion, fold the shirt in half as you lay it front side down.

No.1 Release And Adjust:-
                                              Press your thumb into the shirt as you release your other fingers from under it to keep the fold. With your hands free, tuck in any loose corners or sleeves and smooth the fold at the bottom of the shirt to prevent further creases.

Top 5 Ways To Be A Real Man

  No.5 Get The News:-
                                       Short of reading the news, there is a lazy man's solution: watch news channels. The talking heads that feature prominently on 24-hour news networks are typically very polished and have a superior command of the language you'd like to speak better. Listening to them frequently will help you do just that.

No.4 Hit The Gym:-
                                    Maintain some level of physical fitness. Sticking to a workout program designed by somebody who spends their days racking your weights will make you look better in clothes -- the first step in getting a woman out of hers. 

No.3 Forget The Past:-

                                             Don't inquire about your girlfriend's past. That kind of knowledge could send you into a tailspin of doubt and jealousy.

No.2 Shake With Authority:-

                                                     Your handshake gives you away. So what does yours say about you? Firm and assertive or weak and submissive?

No.1 Look 'Em In The Eye:-

                                                    If etiquette were a family, then eye contact would be the first cousin to the handshake. Not maintaining it is equivalent to a confession of guilt. 

Top 5 Things A Gentleman Has Just Gotta’ Do

In my opinion, well-groomed gents have just gotta’…

David Beckham

- Say “thanks” when someone holds the door.
- Let people off the elevator before rushing on.
- When calling someone with whom there is no set phone appointment, ask “do you have a minute?” before jumping into that rant/talk.
- Listen and make sure that person says “yes, I have a minute” before launching into that rant/talk.
- Provide a firm handshake always. Not “break his wrist” firm, but no dead fish.
- If asking someone “how are you?” — being prepared and ready to listen with actual attention.
- Avoid sporting a uni-brow, comb-over, or excess nose or ear hair.
- Be pleasant and polite to service staff no matter the venue. Issues can be addressed, but there are ways to do it with dignity and without demeaning someone.
- Wear a bow tie once in awhile.
Write handwritten notes and send them through the mail (of course, to someone they know or are trying to get to know).
- Make sure to “take it” as good as you “dish it out.”
Tell the truth — that way nothing really has to be remembered.
Take off that blue tooth head seat if it’s not in use.
Un-clip any mobile technology strapped to belts.