Friday, 8 March 2013

How To Earn Money From Your Blog

Unique Concept Brings Cash

Blogs that make money have conceits that go viral: 1000 Awesome ThingsCake Wrecks. If you want to turn on advertisers, launch a blog that makes people laugh and involves them.

Tease Your Audience

When broadcasting over social media, don't just shout, "New blog post!" Instead, encourage clicks with teaser heads, like "You gotta see this!"

Swap Links

Having trouble posting daily? Create an entry with links to other sites that may return the favor.

Add Ads Slowly

A cluttered, ad-heavy site is a turnoff. After you've built a readership, try a service like Google AdSense, which places ads on your site that earn you money with every click.

No.5 Sell Some Gear

Once you have a core audience, start marketing T-shirts or mugs. Opt for funny images or phrasing from your posts.

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