Monday, 4 March 2013

Top 5 Ways To Preserve Your T-Shirts

Taylor Lautner
No.5 Look Sharper:-
                                     Your best bet is to hang your T-shirts after a wash. Work the hanger up through the bottom of the shirt instead of cramming it through the collar so that you don't stretch out the neck, and align the hanger with the shoulder seams.

No.4 Wash Smart:-
                                Wash your favorite cotton tees in cold water. Line-dry them or use a low-heat, low-tumble dryer setting. Remove them as soon as they're dry.

No.3 Grip And Shake:-
                                       Hold the shirt out in front of you, pinching in about an inch from the collar on each shoulder. (Place each thumb on the back of the shirt and the rest of your fingers on the front.) Give it a couple of aggressive shakes to soften the larger wrinkles.

No.2 Tuck And Halve:-
                                        Use your pinkie and ring fingers to push the sleeves into the back of the shirt, folding them around your middle fingers. Now find a flat, clean surface. In one smooth motion, fold the shirt in half as you lay it front side down.

No.1 Release And Adjust:-
                                              Press your thumb into the shirt as you release your other fingers from under it to keep the fold. With your hands free, tuck in any loose corners or sleeves and smooth the fold at the bottom of the shirt to prevent further creases.

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