Monday, 4 March 2013

Risks Every Boy Should Take

No.1 Follow Your Passion

Test the waters. Set up informational interviews in the industry you want to be in. Have a buddy who did a 180 on his career? Ask him what worked, and what he wishes he’d done differently. 

No.2 Face a Fear in The Gym

Pick something active that you’ve always stayed away from, and learn how to do it. Keep track of your progress by setting small goals, instead of focusing on the end result. It will help increase your motivation by feeding your reward system each time you meet a goal.

No.3 Talk To A Random Woman---In Broad Daylight

 Commit to approaching one woman out of the blue, whether she’s walking the street, hanging out in the park, or shopping at Whole Foods. Keep your opening line to something about your surroundings—it guarantees immediate conversation—or simply introduce yourself. “You might just be surprised how receptive women are to such a confident attempt,”