Monday, 4 March 2013

Top 5 Ways To Be A Real Man

  No.5 Get The News:-
                                       Short of reading the news, there is a lazy man's solution: watch news channels. The talking heads that feature prominently on 24-hour news networks are typically very polished and have a superior command of the language you'd like to speak better. Listening to them frequently will help you do just that.

No.4 Hit The Gym:-
                                    Maintain some level of physical fitness. Sticking to a workout program designed by somebody who spends their days racking your weights will make you look better in clothes -- the first step in getting a woman out of hers. 

No.3 Forget The Past:-

                                             Don't inquire about your girlfriend's past. That kind of knowledge could send you into a tailspin of doubt and jealousy.

No.2 Shake With Authority:-

                                                     Your handshake gives you away. So what does yours say about you? Firm and assertive or weak and submissive?

No.1 Look 'Em In The Eye:-

                                                    If etiquette were a family, then eye contact would be the first cousin to the handshake. Not maintaining it is equivalent to a confession of guilt. 

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