Sunday, 3 March 2013

Top 5 Things Guys Shouldn't Do In Public

No.5 Admire Yourself In The Mirror:-
                                                                    Sure, Adonis, your biceps are big and your abs are tight, but your love affair with the gym mirror is just plain creepy.

No.4 Argue With Your Girlfriend:-

                                                              You could have a valid reason why you’re arguing with your girlfriend, but everyone around you will only see you one way: as a hothead.

No.3 Pick Yourself:-

                                      It is just one of those things guys shouldn't do in public -- ever. 

David Beckham

No.2 Blow Your Nose Without A Tissue:-

                                                                             Always have a pack of tissues handy, or, if you don't and have to blow your nose, ask for one from someone nearby.

No.1 Cry:-

                    Yes, it’s a given you might cry at a funeral. However, do you really need to shed a tear at the latest romantic comedy you took your girlfriend to go see?

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