Saturday, 2 March 2013

Top 5 Stylish Criminals

No.5 George Clooney As Danny Ocean:-

The Ocean's Franchise

Clooney brought back the importance of looking good when ripping off Vegas casinos and eclipsed the style of the original film. His open-collar, dark-suited Ocean had a modern, casual style that was instantly embraced by tie-weary men across the globe.

No.4 Jason Statham As Parker:-


Statham’s thief plays by his own rules in multiple disguises, but it’s as a wealthy Texan that Statham shows his style in modern suits with crisp shoulder lines, narrow lapels and double vents. Statham wears a suit just as well as Daniel Craig and they both know it.

No.3 Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Arthur:-


Playing DiCaprio’s partner in crime, Arthur, Joseph Gordon-Levitt reinvents geek chic with a sophisticated twist. As the planner -- the engineer, if you will -- to DiCaprio’s visionary mind, Arthur exudes understated confidence in fastidious suits with muted tones and clean lines.

No.2 Robert Redford As Johnny Hooker:-

The Sting

The bold suits with thick stripes, the fedora and the cap, the sharp shoulder lines of his jackets and the crisp colors make Redford's Hooker a classic smooth criminal for the ages. While the clothes are from another era, the style and swagger they imbue in this small-time-crook-in-a-big-city caper are timeless.

No.1 Al Pacino As Michael Corleone:-

The Godfather Franchise

Under his handmade Italian suits, you know that Pacino as Corleone is plotting his next act of vengeance. The contrast between Italian bespoke and raw violence set a new standard for cinematic gangsters.

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