Friday, 1 March 2013

Top 5 Signs You Could Look Better Than You Do Now

No.5 You Keep Pulling Up Your Pants:-
                                                                   Perhaps you’ve recently lost weight and haven’t bought new clothes or maybe you just dig the baggy-pants look -- either way, if you have to constantly adjust your pants in public for fear that they might fall off, it’s time to update your wardrobe. 

No.4 95% Of Your Clothes Are Blue, White, Gray Or Black:-
                                                                                                               Even if you have impeccably tailored blazers and labels galore in your closet, a wardrobe built solely around neutral colors is not only drab -- it’s unoriginal.
Achieve great personal style by incorporating pops of color into your ensembles.

No.3 You're Wearing Oversized Clothes:-

                                                                               It’s a common mistake to think that the best way to conceal extra pounds is by wearing larger clothes. Unfortunately, this strategy actually backfires because oversized clothes make you look, well, oversized .
Aim to acquire apparel that follows the lines of your body rather than drowning it.

No.2 You've Never Used Tweezers On Your Face:-
                                                                                        Once you're past 25, unruly hairs begin to appear on a man’s face, often sprouting from his ears or nose.
Ear and nose hair is unsightly to most people and a major turn off to women, so rectify this situation in five minutes with a pair of tweezers.

No.1 You Can't Remember The Last Time Someone Complimented Your Appearanc

     Compliments about our appearance tend to occur when others notice that there’s something different about us.

Lose weight if you need to, get a new haircut or check out clothing trends for the season and try the one that most appeals to you. Repeat again in six months.

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